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Birmans are beautiful, blue-eyed cats with coats. 2018 May 20, 2018 Kristine Lacoste. 1. and any kitten born in that year is given a name beginning with the.The Birman is a cat with a wonderful balance of many characteristics.

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Fourteen shelters across the state are waiving adoption fees on adult cats.Rosco, a Birman owned by Jodi Ross of Green Bay, investigates his reflection in a camera lens during the Cats of Wisconsin CFA Championship Cat Show at the Waukesha.

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The Birman cat has a striking appearance with beautiful blue.This is a very old breed from Russia that displays dog-like traits, including a penchant for playing fetch.I thought it was a common trait amongst Ragdolls hence the name.

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The Birman Cat is known for its distinctive appearance, which is characterised by a fluffy angora coat and dark grey highlights on the head and limbs.

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