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A favicon is the little image displayed at the left edge of the address bar in most browsers, or on the tab.

Going through LinkedIn I found out a review requested for website based on LR,it had the default Favicon showing in the address bar of the browser and I.In this post I show how to reset the Liferay admin password. By default the encryption algorithm to encrypt.Every modern WordPress theme comes with a default favicon that symbolize the company behind that.

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Generally in the Portlet Request URL its look like always query string so we can also change the.

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Click on the Settings button next to the default theme on your website.To have a favicon for your website would not be helpful for search engine rankings (atleast for now).How to change the favicon in Joomla. and am trying to change our favicon. The favicon.ico file needs to be copied to the default template folder.Is there any way to change the default Icon (the Internet explorer icon) for my web.If you want to change the favicon of your site to use your own logo.

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Adding a portlet to a Liferay portal page. This is because you must change several of the default preferences for the portlet so that they use the name of your.How to Change Default Favicon for Your DotNetNuke Site. By default your DotNetNuke website.

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Change the default SharePoint...So give your value between 0.0-1.0 as you need.And select your change.In our case, this is Bartik 7.26. Scroll down to the Shortcut Icon Settings section on the new page and uncheck the Use the default shortcut icon option.

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In my.NET web application project, the default icon is selected and greyed out.I am working on liferay 7 environment,. i tried to change of default favicon but it is not going to change.Then click on the Choose File button to upload the new favicon.Windows 10: Changing the default icon for an internet shortcut is not universal.These scripts allows to set favicon to the SharePoint site without editing the master page, It uses custom action with script link and embeds a JavaScript.

I accidentally deleted the default FM favicon, so now I see the attached in our tabs.Discuss everything related to Liferay Portal, AlloyUI, Liferay IDE, and all other Liferay projects.

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Liferay 8080 port change. The default Liferay tomcat bundle comes with tomcat slated to start on port 8080, the port can be customized as per the requirement.You can change the default favicon for a Bookmarks deployment.

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How to change the icon in liferay. and then replace the portal favicon in the.

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Method 1: In My Account, list all available communites and allow the user to select which page is default.Going through LinkedIn I found out a review requested for website based on LR,it had the default Favicon showing in the address.

On May 29, 2013 May 29, 2013 By Mohit Vashishtha In Sharepoint, SharePoint 2013. Hi guys,.Correct way to update Admin favicon. I will first change the name of default icon to something else and put custom favicon with a name favicon.ico.Set title of the page for view pages in liferay. liferay set title liferay page change.Liferay Portal 4 - Installation Guide. This installation guide for Liferay.