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Definition of cat-scratch fever. cat-scratch fever. noun - uncountable. an infectious disease humans catch from cats.Bartonella henselae is the causative agent of cat-scratch disease (CSD), which usually manifests as acute regional lymphadenopathy.

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Cat-scratch disease is an infection with bartonella bacteria that is believed to be transmitted by cat scratches, cat bites, or flea bites.Cat-scratch disease (CSD) is mostly contracted by children and young adults.

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We report microbiologic analysis of 786 lymph node biopsy specimens from patients with suspected cat-scratch disease (CSD).Cat scratch disease is an infection with Bartonella bacteria that is believed to be transmitted by cat scratches and bites.Cat scratch disease (CSD) is an illness caused by the bacterium Bartonella henselae.

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Cat scratch fever or Cat-scratch disease is a usually benign infectious disease, most commonly found in children 1-2 weeks following a cat scratch.Most sufferers experience only moderate discomfort and find that their symptoms clear up without any lasting harm after a few weeks or months.

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Bartonella Infections, Including Cat-Scratch Disease. Bartonella Infections, Including Cat-Scratch Disease. DEFINITION AND ETIOLOGY.It is a disease that is caused by the infection of Bartonella bacteria which is transmitted by cat bites and scratches.

Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — Cat Scratch Disease.Infectious disease caused by the bacterium bartonella henselae.Cat-scratch disease BASIC INFORMATION DEFINITION Cat-scratch disease is a subacute, usually self-limiting, granulomatous lymphadenitis that follows an infection with Bartonella henselae (previously named Rochalimaea henselae).

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Cat scratch disease: A bacterial infection due to a cat scratch seen most often today in people with HIV.

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Cat-scratch disease (also called cat-scratch fever) is caused by the Bartonella henselae bacterium, which is found in cats around the world and is transmitted from cat to cat by fleas.It usually arises one or more weeks following a feline scratch, with raised inflammatory nodules at the site of the scratch being the primary symptom.

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Medical Definition of cat scratch disease.: an illness that is characterized by chills, slight fever, and swelling of the lymph glands and is caused chiefly by a gram-negative bacterium of the genus Bartonella (B. henselae synonym Rochalimaea henselae) transmitted especially by the scratch of a cat—called also cat scratch fever.

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Cats and kittens are carriers, but they do not suffer from it, instead passing it on to humans.

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People can prevent catching cat-scratch disease by washing wounds promptly after a cat bite or scratch and by thoroughly washing hands after playing with a cat.

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Cat Scratch Disease: Cat scratch disease (CSD or cat scratch fever) is a syndrome caused by the Bartonella henselae bacteria, which is transmitted via a cat scratch.Cat-scratch disease is an infection you can get after a cat scratches, bites, or licks you.

The presence of stellate micro-abscesses is a more specific finding, with a differential diagnosis of cat-scratch disease, LGV, and less likely tularaemia and.

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Cat scratch disease definition, a disorder characterized by fever and swelling of the lymph glands, caused by a viral infection resulting from the scratch or bite of.

An infectious disease of humans that is caused by a bacterium (Bartonella henselae) transmitted by the scratch or bite of a cat and is.Cat-scratch disease in Connecticut: epidemiology, risk factors, and evaluation of a new diagnostic test.